The company is indeed a 'one-stop-shop’ for pet-preforms and caps as it stocks different weight and neck-sizes at all time. Clients are assured of availability and quality of these products at our branches. The company maintain regular quota with major producers of pet-preforms.

The stock includes different weight, neck-sizes and colours.

28mm, 29mm & 30mm caps/closures in these colours: Black, Pink, Purple, Red, Dark blue, Skye Blue, Lemon, Green, White and Yellow etc.
water caps


28mm, 29mm and 30mm preforms
13g preforms – 14g preforms
15g preforms – 16g preforms
17g preforms – 18g preforms
19g preforms – 20g preforms
21g preforms – 22g preforms
23g preforms – 24g preforms
32mm, 34mm & 45g preforms










The consultancy service covers preparation of feasibility studies for start-up investors and clients who wish to diversify their investment portfolio, factory layout and supply of experienced and credible staff for production.

Kuns Integrated Global Company Limited understand the challenges and cost implications associated with staffing and training which constitute a capital drain to start-up companies and believes in the visible growth and expansion of new and existing clients hence strives to train and deploy manpower for its desiring customers who know the value of such good hands. This arrangement is both on contract and permanent basis.

Kuns Integrated Global Company Limited provides start-up consultancy services for new investors starting water, food and beverage production businesses. These services include procurement, installation, operation and maintenance of machinery, registration of company with relevant regulatory bodies such as NAFDAC, SON, etc.

The company does not just procure machinery for its client but also provides a full flesh engineering services round the clock. Kuns Integrated Global Company Limited has a team of standby engineers who:

  • Use standard manufacturing, maintenance, engineering and project management tools and processes to ensure that plants work at maximum efficiency.
  • Defines root cause and implements solutions to equipment and process related non-conformance situations.
  • Scope and deliver cost saving ideas and improvements to manufacturing methodologies within the business.
  • Assists in determining the budget to support maintenance requirements.
  • Proposes and implements formal and OJT for associates helping to grow them.
  • Measures/evaluates equipment efficiencies, downtime and assist in development of maintenance.


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