Kuns Integrated Global Company Limited was incorporated in 2013 in line with the Company and Allied Matters Act 1990 as a Private Limited Liability Company with RC No. 1096731. Its main objectives are to establish, operate and stand out as a unique and complete packaging solution provider in its sphere of business within and beyond Nigeria.

The company commenced operations since 2007 as an enterprise under the name Kuns Global Resources & Company which was later upgraded to its current limited liability status in 2013. Kuns Integrated Global Company Limited is an indigenous multi-technical company poised towards offering customized and budget-friendly services to individual and corporate Clientele in the supply of Pet-preforms and caps, Dispenser Bottles, and caps, shrink wrapping nylon, Codding ribbon and Codding machines, pH meters, TDS meters, plain and printed labeling, water treatment items, packaging nylon, start-up consultancy, machine installations and maintenance and general contracts.
At Kuns Integrated Global Company Limited, a high premium is placed on personalized and proactive services which entail quick response to client’s needs, comprehensive capabilities and regular internal reviews. In line with this, the company welcomes feedback from clients, facilitates knowledge transfer to, identify and communicates additional opportunities to the clients.


To exceed the expectations of every client, maintain an outstanding customer relationship, increases flexibility and greater value and efficiency through our
functional and technical expertise combined with a highly motivated and professional staff.


Kuns Integrated Global Company Limited strives to be the ‘supplier of Choice’ and ‘one stop shop’ to her Clients, providing anytime, anywhere, safe, efficient and extraordinary competent services in a manner which justifies our pride and Client confidence.


• Integrity
• Flexibility
• Excellence
• Team work
• Professionalism


  • Nobel Oil Nigeria Limited, Port-Harcourt
  • Niger Delta University Water, Bayelsa State
  • Rottola Water
  • Sopra Nigeria Limited
  • Niger Delta Basin Authority, Port-Harcourt
  • U.K Dion Nigeria Limited
  • Farm-To Juice Company, Yenegua
  • Uniport Water, Choba, River State
  • Luyah Global Resources
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